Chi siamo

eHealthTech è una start-up nel settore ICT Sanità, creata nel 2004 nell’ambito dell’Incubatore Tecnologico di Firenze, promosso dal Comune di Firenze, la Provincia di Firenze, la Camera di Commercio di Firenze e l’Università degli Studi di Firenze, con un progetto d’impresa relativo alla interoperabilità dei sistemi informativi nella Sanità. 

I nostri obiettivi

eHealthTech svolge attività di ricerca e sviluppo per la progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni tecnologiche innovative per lo scambio, la condivisione e l’integrazione delle informazioni amministrative e cliniche tra applicazioni e sistemi informativi sanitari, basate sullo standard di comunicazione ed integrazione internazionale Health Level Seven (HL7), e sul framework di interoperabilità Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).

eHealthTech ?impegnata nella implementazione della Versione 3 dello standard, ed ?membro del gruppo di lavoro Versione 3 della associazione HL7 Italia, sezione nazionale della organizzazione HL7, che definisce la localizzazione dello standard HL7v3 per la sanità italiana.

A chi ci rivolgiamo

L’offerta si rivolge alle organizzazioni socio sanitarie pubbliche (ASL, AO, IRCCS, Consorzi di Area Vasta) e E in the region of seven miles, asking strangers which hospital a cancer patient was likely to be in. It’s fair to say i didn’t really know what i was doing. cheapest place to buy generic viagra I walked all day, and went to two hospitals. viagra pills over counter He was in the second. generic viagra mg pills I found this out by begging for money for aâ phone-boxâ (this was beforeâ mobile phones existed) and ringing the second hospital from outside the first. I wasn’t family, but i knew all the right names: his mum, dad and girlfriend. They weren’t even expecting me. walmart pharmacy price for viagra I still to this day don’t know what i was expecting. The last thing i remember is sitting down on the train at hereford train station and thinking “this will end badly. viagra for sale I need to go there. ” so that’s what i did. He looked tired and had an oval scar on his head. viagra coupon Later, his parents gave me a lift back. He’s ok now, and has a little one. viagra trial sample Being bald suits him too. There have been dalliances with cancer since then, other friends have lost loved ones, but for me, nothing as major as those three formative experiences. Since then, i’ve mainly been monstered by strokes, heart disease and alzheimer’s. viagra 5 mg for sale Yesterday cancer came back, and didn’t leave alone. I never knew london rollergirl and suffra jet team memberâ alicia “mama mash bash” teare without it. By the time i’d had any “non-derby” conversation with her, she’d lost her hair. buy generic viagra online Perhaps i wouldn’t have shared many moments with her at all, without the knowledge that she was in the grip of the disease. viagra samples I gravitated to her out of curiosity and concern. I remember how calm and strong she seemed in person. Her twitter feed was very funny, and i loved following the adventures of her daughter and pugs. generic viagra without prescription Always looking forward and making jokes, she never showed (in public or online persona) any sign she was losing hope for the future, or getting down about the situation. To someone like me, ruled too much by their own negative head, this kind of inner strength andâ . private (Case di Cura, RSA, Centri Diagnostici), così come ai fornitori di sistemi clinico sanitari ed amministrativi, che necessitano di integrare le applicazioni proprietarie esistenti, o realizzare nuove soluzioni applicative, con interfacce standard HL7.


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