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eHealthTech è una start-up nel settore ICT Sanità, creata nel 2004 nell’ambito dell’Incubatore Tecnologico di Firenze, promosso dal Comune di Firenze, la Provincia di Firenze, la Camera di Commercio di Firenze e l’Università degli Studi di Firenze, con un progetto d’impresa relativo alla interoperabilità dei sistemi informativi nella Sanità. 

I nostri obiettivi

eHealthTech svolge attività di ricerca e sviluppo per la progettazione e realizzazione di soluzioni tecnologiche innovative per lo scambio, la condivisione e l’integrazione delle informazioni amministrative e cliniche tra applicazioni e sistemi informativi sanitari, basate sullo standard di comunicazione ed integrazione internazionale Health Level Seven (HL7), e sul framework di interoperabilità Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE).

eHealthTech ?impegnata nella implementazione della Versione 3 dello standard, ed ?membro del gruppo di lavoro Versione 3 della associazione HL7 Italia, sezione nazionale della organizzazione HL7, che definisce la localizzazione dello standard HL7v3 per la sanità italiana.

A chi ci rivolgiamo

L’offerta si rivolge alle organizzazioni socio sanitarie pubbliche (ASL, AO, IRCCS, Consorzi di Area Vasta) e private (Case di Cura, RSA, Centri Diagnostici), così come ai fornitori di sistemi clinico sanitari ed Member login remember me lost password? female viagra for sale viagra 20 mg 2 film tablet Member login science home contact us advertise about us link to us molecular biology home protocols protocols science videos molecular biology forum molecular biology dna research protein research cells research abstracts research carbohydrates research special feature user panel my panel my panel bookmark science articles recent news bookmark / share this science site hormone and blood pressure relationships in primary aldosteronism. viagra without a doctor prescription Hormone and blood pressure relationships in primary aldosteronism. cheap viagra without a prescription can take 2 viagra pills Research abstract details  research abstract table of contents jump to the: abstract text of this paper journal published mesh keywords of this abstract chemicals and substances used in this paper grants and granting agency of this research database accession numbers used in this paper related papers related research tags rate this research paper hormone and blood pressure relationships in primary aldosteronism. buy generic viagra Abstract text: m g nicholls, e a espiner, h ikram, a h maslowski, e j hamilton, p j bones, we used continuous intra-arterial pressure monitoring and hourly venous hormone sampling over 24 hours in 5 patients with primary aldosteronism to study blood pressure and hormone regulation. compare generic viagra price compare generic viagra price Three patients were restudied under identical conditions of controlled diet electrolyte intake and body posture 3-7 months after removal of the aldosterone-secreting adrenal tumor. viagra 10 mg farmacias ahorro cheap viagra Prior to surgery there was no positive relationship of arterial pressure to renin or to aldosterone. where can i buy viagra locally without a prescription Norepinephrine fluctuations showed positive correlations with arterial pressure but these 2 indices were more closely related after surgery. buy cheap viagra Plasma aldosterone levels paralleled those of cortisol both before and after cure of primary aldosteronism. how long after a meal can i take viagra Aldosterone/cortisol regression lines were steeper before surgery, and norepinephrine/renin regression lines were steepened in the post-operation studies. cheap viagra online Our findings indicate that in established primary aldosteronism, fluctuations in arterial pressure are regulated in part by the sympathetic nervous system: the pattern of aldosterone secretion is controlled mainly by acth: aldosterone responsiveness to endogenous acth is enhanced: and sympathetic modulation of renin release in inhibited. cheap viagra online Hormone and blood pressure relationships in primary aldosteronism. viagra without a doctor prescription Publishing authors by initials mg nicholls, ea espiner, h ikram, ah maslowski, ej hamilton, pj bones, for similar enzymes and coenzymes: enzymes: hydrolases: peptide hydrolases: endopeptidases: aspartic endopeptidases: renin research abstracts see: enzymes and coenzymes: enzymes: hydrolases: peptide hydrolases: endopeptidases: aspartic endopeptidases: renin research pubmed id pmid: medline date: hormone and. Viagra effects cs5 Much does viagra cost dubai amministrativi, che necessitano di integrare le applicazioni proprietarie esistenti, o realizzare nuove soluzioni applicative, con interfacce standard HL7.


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